Shipmanagement with
an owner's heart


Interview with Mr. Ohno, Toei Shipping

A short introduction of long-time customer, Messrs. Toei Shipping Co. Ltd., represented by the Owner, Mr. S. Ohno:

How many of your ships and which types are under the care of Seatrade?

"At the moment, four reefer vessels are managed by Seatrade (m.v. Discovery Bay, m.v. Santa Catharina, m.v. Tama Hope and  m.v. Tama Star)."

When did your ships enter Seatrade shipmanagement?

"The first Toei ships entered management in 1993 (m.v. Disko Bay and m.v. Goose Bay)."

 Why did you choose Seatrade as shipmanager?

"Starting off as an owner, Seatrade has over the years gained a good reputation as shipmanager. Seatrade sees to good ships and good crews, which is basically what a shipowner aims for."

What distinguishes Seatrade from other shipmanagers?

"The  strong, personal relation that Seatrade sustains and the genuine interest taken in the ships under their care."

Are you satisfied with the services offered?

"Yes, Seatrade is a trustworthy shipmanager that offers quality services."