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Launching m.v. Juice Express

Launching m.v. Juice Express


Saturday 6 May 2017, a next milestone in the building of m.v. Juice Express was reached.

In the presence of owners and subcontractors, the hyper modern ship was launched by pulling her out of the dock where she was built.

Prior to that, the guests where welcomed at the construction site by dragon dancers and drums, whilst walking along the dock to have a first look at the vessel afloat.

After words of welcome by Mr. Edward Jiang of GSHI, a speech was given by Mr. AiHu, the General Manager of GSHI shipyard, Mr. Yntze Buitenwerf, the CEO of the Seatrade Group, and Mr. Hiroaki Odajima, the President of the Ship Finance Department of MUFJL.

These speeches were followed by the ceremonial painting (‘opening’) of the eyes of the dragons carried out by Mr. BaiShaoming, the Vice General Manager of Guanxin Holding Group and Mr. Yntze Buitenwerf. This ceremony symbolizes the awakening of the dragons giving energy and spirit to the ship that is launched.

After a living performance by dancing dragons, fire crackers were lit in front of the vessel which also was the starting sign for moving of the vessel out of dock. After safely mooring alongside, all guests had the change to have a look on board.