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Movie Archive

  • DATE PUBLISHED 10-03-21

    Video message from the Chairman of the Board Mr. Yntze Buitenwerf.

  • DATE PUBLISHED 01-01-21

    A ticket to the tropics...Lovely footage of m.v. Luzon Strait @ the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Courtesy of Messrs. Caribbean Shipspotting

  • DATE PUBLISHED 24-06-20

    Fantastic timelapse of Seatrade Orange passing Panama Canal. Courtesy of Captain Korzhov.

  • DATE PUBLISHED 19-11-19

    M.v. Cold Stream fully loaded at approach Panama Canal.

  • DATE PUBLISHED 24-09-19

    Seatrade crosses the globe with Top Dutch Solar Racing! A nice video of the cooperation between Seatrade and the North-Netherlands racing team.

  • DATE PUBLISHED 09-09-19

    First loading call in Flushing at Verbrugge Terminals B.V. for our export Surinam and RAYO Service.